Baldwin Walnut Console

Baldwin Cherry red headTed is going to be a super player he went right to this Baldwin console in Cherry, we had a great time.
He is a good kid.



Kurzweil Piano

GuneryI always found this picture funny, little baby Sue took out her Master Card and bought the piano. hhhhaa



Steinway Walnut

Steinway walnut

 Debra bought this piano in two seconds it was on my floor for one hour! It was meant to be the piano is in Debra’s home.
Another Happy Buyer she is a great lady and a good long time friend. Good for you, it s wonderful piano.  


The Greatest Day At My Store

IMG_0807The day the band from Jethro Tull was at my store. Dave, Me. Scott, John. great guys and now very dear friends as we keep in touch often. We went for breakfast too what a day.


Baldwin B5 Black Gloss

Baldwin B5 AndrewAndrew and his sister Alyssa picked out the king the great Baldwin 49′ Tall  B5 in Black Gloss 
The kids were great. Andrew plays the piano like a pro very gifted.


Baldwin Walunt Satin

litchfield ctCarry went right to this super Baldwin In Walnut Satin, wow she is a great player
We had loads of fun playing all the pianos


Baldwin In Black Satin

DSC_3060Hope and her son Joseph made my day it was a fun day watching Joseph play the pianos
Baldwin in Black Satin wow! What a beauty.


Baldwin Grand Black Gloss

litchfield ctThe Boys Tom and Gill played every piano I had and ended up with the Mighty Baldwin Grand in Black Gloss
You kids were great!